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About AIAD

Specialty Pharmaceutical Drug Wholesaler and Pharmaceutical Distributor

AIAD Corporation was established in 1995 as a pharmaceutical wholesaler /exporter, supplying a full range of brand and generic drugs to healthcare market worldwide.
California State Board of Pharmacy licenses us.

Andre Import & Distribution (AIAD) Company is a drug wholesaler, located in Sunvalley CA, USA specializing in low-priced Generic Drugs, Indictable, Vitamins, Biological, including blood and plasma products, drug shortages and hard to find drugs.

Operated by Pharmacists, with years of experience is the pharmaceutical industry, Our team understands the competitiveness and reimbursement difficulties facing the pharmaceutical industry, thus we are dedicated to finding you the best product at better prices to help increase your bottom line

We service hospital pharmacies, independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical distributors including drug exporters and wholesalers, doctors, offices, managed care providers, home healthcare facilities and veterinary clinics.